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Trading Referrals

Many web casinos will pay customers to send new suckers their way. Standard practice is to give the new person your account number, and then they inform the establishment that you sent them. The finder's fee is usually 10 percent of the deposit made by recruits, who are still eligible for new account premiums. All the payments are of course contingent on sufficient action. A pair of advantage players could refer each other back and forth to different places and both do well. This is a good deal with the right partner. With the wrong partner, it will get you blacklisted.

This practice is communication-intensive. Collaborators have to exchange account user names promptly, and be attentive enough to detail to write them down perfectly. They - and you have to remember where the number is, and to use it when the deposit is made. The procedure for claiming the bonus (where to e-mail, etc.) has to be kept straight; the bonus sounds easy in the splashy web ads, but the precise directions are nowhere to be found when the time comes. Claims have to be done correctly the first time, because they do not make awards retroactively. The time of a cashout also has to be coordinated because it is a no-no for the recruit to take money out before the finder fee comes through to the reference person. You have to rely on your cohort leaving the money in long enough and then letting you know days later that the cash is there. If more people are involved, it's like herding cats. Not only is information management a challenge, but unlike with your own activities, you have to rely on someone else to be as careful as you are. If a cohort or one of his associates cashes in without enough play, everyone linked to him can get the scarlet letter.

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Draws on Fifth Street
If you have a proper four-card straight or flush draw, you will almost always call through fifth street. If you only have three to a straight or flush, however, now is the point at which that draw is basically worthless by itself. The odds of making a runner-runner draw are insufficient by themselves to call on fifth street, although they can push you toward calling if you also happen to have a pair with a live ace kicker or a similar hand.

I won't provide drawing odds from fifth street here-because I have already. They are precisely the same as the odds of hitting from the flop in Texas Hold'em.
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