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Under Over Seven

Last and certainly least of the side games is this one, sometimes called over and under seven. Like the big six wheel and chuck-a-luck, this is an old carnie games often seen at fairs and Las Vegas nights around the country, but rarely found in any casino.

The games is played with two dice, and either the operator rolls the dice out of a cup or they are put into an hourglass device resembling the one used in chuck-a-luck. There is also a layout on which players make their wagers. They can bet on one of three outcomes-under 7, 7, or over 7.

If the dice add up to under 7, the players who have bet on that choice are paid off at even money. If it lands on 7, the players who have made this wager get 4-1, and if it totals over 7, players who have bet in that space on the layout are paid off at even money.

This is a terrible games to play, because no matter what the player wagers on, the house has an advantage of 16.67 percent. Fortunately, even if one were to actively seek out this games (probably from some long ingrained masochistic streak) he or she would be hard-pressed to find it in any legitimate casino.

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