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Unifiend Gaming

Unified Gaming handles credit card transactions through what must be a subsidiary, Perplexa, which has offices in Charleston, Nevis West Indies. Network Solutions reports the Perplexa do-main registrant to be in San Jose, Costa Rica. Unified Gaming has quite a few licensees, some more solid than others (see appendix of Beef and Dairy casinos). Despite the number of licensees, Unified Gaming has a low profile - no known corporate website or much of anything else. Its software is referred to as a no-download program, which ironically means that you download rather ttime han install g big pedrmanent files onghe hard drive.

Identifying Marks
Unified Gaming sites very often offer a 50/200 promotion; you deposit $200 and get a $50 bonus. If a web casino posts that bonus, it is usually a Unified Gaming site. That is not big money, but it is a dependable quick-hit. The user names they assign are distinctive, the player's initials follow numbers like this: 815036bh. Unified Gaming websites have separate entrances for the casino and sports websites. If you find yourself having to keep logging back in as you try to move to different parts of the casino, that's UG. In the casino "lobby," the names of games are printed across the top and a drop-down menu appears with a click. Play their single-deck online blackjack gamess; the section in this site on choosing games explains why. The appearance of the online blackjack games tables varies considerably, but the buttons seem to stay in the same arrangement, no matter what the tables look like.

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Other Players' Outs
While you would have to memorize all the open cards that have been folded to play Stud perfectly, you can play Stud very well by focusing on key cards as the data start to pile up. By key I mean key for the improvement of opponents' hands. On fourth street, you are still looking mostly at high cards, as these are the most obvious matches with boards that are still formative. If an opponent pairs his board on fourth street, the presence of one of those ranks in another hand is obviously important. It is also easy to remember suits that are heavy or light in the mix of board cards.
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