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Unquantifiable Contests

E-casinos are always searching for cheaper ways to get repeat business. A common method is to invite people back for a contest. For example, for every ten dollars in action, you get one entry into a drawing for $1,000. Another is to give a prize at random during a certain time period, with everyone who is online at that moment eligible. The difficulty with these promotions is that there is no way to quantify the value. If you could learn how many competitors there were and how many entries they got in a drawing, then you could figure out the edge mathematically. If the profit cannot be calculated, it's not advantage play; it's gambling. There still may be opportunities, however, because there is a lot of variety and inventiveness going into these contests. One way to exploit the time-limit promotions is to sign on and bet little, but stay logged on while you play elsewhere.

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Playing Draws
Things are much easier if your first four cards give you four to a flush or an outside straight. You will practically always have the odds at least to check and call throughout the hand. If you have a flush draw and you have as few as two reliable callers, you have a betting draw that you can bet and raise for value. You have 1:1 odds of making your hand by the end. A high open-ended straight draw is not quite as good, but you can bet and raise into a large field.
If your fourth card doesn't contribute to your straight or flush, you can still call if the hand has some other source of strength, such as a high pair, live cards, dual straight and flush potential, a big pot, or other tactical considerations. David Sklansky, Mason Mammoth, and Rave Zee sav that these other factors will make calling a small bet with a three-flush or three-straight on fourth street.
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