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Volatility,Standard Deviation

Bonus hustlers have an unusually high advantage. In the previous example, the casino's small edge would take a long time to eat away at the $1,200 deposit and bonus - $240,000 in action, believe it or not. (Now isn't that empowering?) Nonetheless, expected value eventually triumphs over all. Expected value is like gravity - it is the weakest force among everyday-size objects, but the most powerful in accumulation. Not only that, but increases ill the edge that seem modest are multiplied many times over the long haul. If the -0.5 percent house edge in online blackjack games is replaced with that of roulette, a -5.26 percent edge that many players find acceptable, the house overtakes volatility more than ten times faster. The casino would win back the $1,200 bonus and deposit in less than $24,000 of action rather than $244,000. (Also note that the average online blackjack games player who does not know perfect basic strategy gives up quite a bit more than the perfect basic strategy player's -0.5 percent. The house usually rightly assumes that most online blackjack games players make lots of strategy errors.)

The bonus hustler's expected value is high, allowing him to jump ahead of the fluctuations quite rapidly, even when bets are large. If Peter lost miserably the first time betting $50, look how he would do with the same strategy at five e-casinos. Following plan, he deposits $1,000 in four more places and then combines the results of all five. Since his action is always $2,000, he gives up $10 in expectation at each stop. Recall that there will be 40 wagers each time. Interpret the tables yourself this time.

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Playing Pair Hands
This is most important with pair hands. You should go ahead and open or raise with a strong hand that you think is best. If you pair your door card on fourth street, you should almost always take advantage of your ability to open for the big amount, even if you made trips or two pair already. If it's a big pair, checking or betting the small amount won't fool anyone into thinking you have a weak hand. If its a small pair, opponents who are inclined to call will do so whether you bet the big amount or the small one.

But With an unimproved pair hand you should be sensitive to indications of superior strength. Fla;.s should go you before you call With a pair hand that you aren't confident enough ;h to lead Icith. Suppose you called on third street Wt h a pair of queens and didn't get any help on fourth street. If a tight opponent showing a king on third street raised and, then, received an ace on fourth street and opens, you should usually fold. Sure, bluffs are cheap on fourth street. But the chance of this player dominating you with a pair of aces or kings-or better-is too high. Even if he doesn't have a higher pair yet, he has good chances of making one. Likewise, you would fold to any player who raised on third street and paired his door card on fourth street. The common denominator here is to avoid opponents who showed strength With their starters and likely improved past you on fourth street.
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