As of mid-1998 there were eighteen Indian casinos operating in this state. Ten of the casinos are affiliated with tribes that have compacts with the state that allow them to only offer a full variety of table games-no electronic gambling devices of any kind are allowed.

Three of these casinos are within a thirty-minute drive from Seattle: Clearwater Casino (360-598-1835) in Suquamish, Muckleshoot Casino (800-804-8944) in Auburn, and Tulalip Casino (888-272-DE) in Marysville.

There are five tribes that have an ongoing dispute with the state and are operating without compacts. All five of their casinos, which are located in the northeastern part of the state, offer slot machines as well as table games. Two of the casinos are about fifty miles from Spokane: Two Rivers Casino (800-722-4031) in Davenport, and Double Eagle Casino (509-935-4406) in Chewelah.

For information on visiting Washington call 800-544-1800.

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Starting Hands
Starting hand strategy for Stud tries to set you up for a standard draw to a big hand or a high-percentage draw to a high two pair. Making a high two pair is important because it helps you exploit one of the most common mistakes your Stud opponents will make: overestimating the strength of middle-to-low two pairs. Since the two-pair range is such a common battlefield in Stud, you should know that the distribution of two pairs is not uniform across the ranks. It is much easier to make aces up than threes up (see why?), which weights the distribution of two pairs to the high side. Thus, the gap in strength between kings up and queens up, for example, is larger than it appears at first glance.
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