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Web Partnership

If you have a website with some traffic, here is a possibility. E-casinos regularly offer substantial kickbacks for any customers referred to them by a website. There are many variations on the deal, but basically the website gets a percentage of the e-casino's monthly net win from a referred player- 50 percent is a common figure, and often for the life of the player (allegedly). That is a lot. A website operator could arrange for cohorts to play at the e-casino. If they win, good. If they lose, he gets 50 percent back, which is a huge advantage on some games. Due to this method's potential to do serious damage, you can be sure e-casinos are watching for it.'

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Seven-Card Stud
One piece of good news for Seven-Card Stud home game players is that the size of their game is usually close enough to a full-size eight-player casino Stud game that all The professional guidance is readily applicable. Home games tend to be much more passive on earl streets than casino games, but the wickets that the pros have established for evaluating the strength of your cards as the hand proceeds are valid in a six-player game.
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