While the welcher may succeed eventually, he can expect a miserable hassle in the interim. Even though the debt may not be legally enforceable, that doesn't mean that credit card companies have to like you and continue doing business with you - there may be no end to problems from bad credit. At web casinos, reneging debts is the single most despised problem. Non-payers turn out to be minors, or simply people who swear to God they never made that purchase. "Those other four casinos where I won, those charges are correct." Or they are people like Haines who cheekily say "Yes, I was gambling, but I'm still not paying."

When kids lose money online, it is standard operating procedure to write off their debt and blacklist the card. A Tropika e-casino chain executive says they've done this half a dozen times. "When Dad gets the bill, if he calls us, we simply reverse it.... We're not out any money.. . [but] nobody from that address can ever enter our casinos again." Renouncing credit card charges is the single best way to become blacklisted throughout the industry. It also goes against the Net trickster's code of using the e-casinos' own rules and greed against them.

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Drawing Odds
The chances of completing individual draws in Omaha are roughly the same as in Texas, with the addition of a few special situations arising from the fact that you hold four cards instead of two. One of the more interesting ones is called a wrap straight draw. Wrap straight draws exists when you have more than one "normal" Straight draw at the same time. Compared with an outside draw in Texas, your chances of completing range from better to awesome. Suppose your extreme example: Suppose you have 8-T-Q-K, and the flop is 2-9-J. There are five ranks of cards that could come on the turn or river to give you a straight: 7, 8, T, Q, and K. That adds up to sixteen outs, giving you a 60 percent chance of completing by the end of the hand and a 35 percent chance of hitting on each card. All your outs are to the nut straight, and if you hit, it is unlikely that a low will be possible. As long as the flop isn't suited, you are probably in the betting draw category with a hand like this.
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