West Virginia has four pari-mutuel facilities that feature video lottery terminals: Wheeling Downs (800-445-9475), Mountaineer Park (800-804-0468) in Chester, Tri-State Greyhound Racing (800-224-9863) near Charleston and Charleston Races in Charleston. All VLT's games include: slots, online blackjack games, keno, and several versions of online poker games. The minimum gambling age is eighteen.

For West Virginia tourism information call 800-225-5982.

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Low Hand Criteria
Under these circumstances, I stick pretty close to the low hand criteria, but I will loosen up a good bit by play4ng any hand containing a single t«70-card combination that could plausibly make a nut high. A suited ace, two cards above ten, AA, or KK are good enough. With fewer options than the better starting hands provide, I might not have good chances of flopping a nut draw-the pocket pairs in particular are long shots, because they must hit a set-and I flop multiple draws less often. I go a long time between pots. But when the flop hits me, I tend to get a lot of action from opponents drawing to the second- or third-nut who will pay me off with lower flushes, straights, sets, or, best of all, full houses. When the flop doesn't hit me just right, I fold, telling myself not to make the mistake that I count on my opponents making. As long as seeing the flop remains cheap, this appears to be a good wav to loosen up at this kind of game. Routinely going to the showdown with the second and third nut, high or low, is not the why to it.
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