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A Betting Strategy For Online Baccarat Games

If you want to have some fun and play like these whales and try to catch a streak like Mr. K's, here is the procedure:

1. Establish a bankroll of 20 to 50 units-preferably $5 each. Recognizing that Online Baccarat Games is usually a high-limit games, you may have to risk 20 units of $25 each or $500.

2. Get a scorecard when you enter the games, and chart each decision using the standard notation of P for player and B for bank.

3. Bet single units, or $25 a hand, for the first 20 to 30 hands of the shoe.

4. Watch carefully how the games unfolds during these first 20 to 30 hands, looking for obvious trends in the games. For example, is the shoe "choppy," with P and B alternating back and forth for many hands in succession; that is, P, B, P, B, P, B? Is the games exhibiting short-term streaks like P, P, P, B, P, B, B, B? Or perhaps you detect another choppy trend like B, B, P, P, B, B, P, P, B, P.

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Additional Rules for Stud Games
l. Exposed seventh street: A seventh street hole card that is exposed during the deal-including a card that is flashed or departs the table-may not be accepted by the player. The exposed card is mucked and a replacement card is dealt from the top oft] e deck after the remaining cards are dealt.
2. Premature cards: Any open cards dealt before the betting for the current round is complete are immediately reshuffled back into the deck; players do not have the option ~of accepting premature cards.
3. Insufficient deck: If there are an insufficient number of cards in the deck to completely deal seventh street to each individual player, then a single community card is dealt face-up instead.
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