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A Simple Social

For the player who does not wish to go to the great lengths necessary to win at Online Baccarat Games, but who simply wants the pride of playing better than nearly all of his fellow gamblers, to play for comps, or to follow a system other than the hypnotically stupid trending systems described elsewhere, then I present you with a simple card-counting system.

If you want to lose a little less and do not mind extending a little effort, try the following scheme: use Thorp's count, not to determine when to raise your bets, but to determine which hand to bet on in order to minimize your losses. Because the player and bank hand have very similar house advantages, often the (very slight) effects of removal will cause the least advantageous bet-the one that makes least money for the house-to intermittently switch between bank and player. How much can you save from doing this? Well, on average, almost 8 percent of your wager. You could look at this as a savings of $80 on every $1,000, or one bet in every twelve, and it begins to look attractive. This amount may be slightly more or slightly less, depending on the amount of cards dealt. Here is the system:

[ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ]
I . There is a cap of three raises per betting round.
2. Check-raising is allowed.
3. An all-in raise for less than half the fixed raise amount does not entitle a player who has already acted to re-raise and does not count against the cap; a subsequent raise completes the partial raise and counts against the cap. An all-in raise for half or more of the fixed raise amount counts against the cap; the next raise adds a full fixed amount to the bet.
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