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Analyzing The Shuffle
How can we tell whether a shuffle is random or not? Thorp goes on to describe how to do this. The simple method is described below:

1. Note down the order of the cards as they are dealt from an entire shoe.
2. Note the order of the cards as they are dealt in at least ten subsequent shoes.
3. Take this data away from the casino and analyze it.
4. Have a look at your data and see if anything strikes you as evidence of the process being nonrandom. It might be that, say, a pattern appears of blocks of cards being one or two apart, followed by a block of cards that are at large, random intervals.

In fact, the effects of nonrandom shuffling at Online Baccarat Games were already well documented. This phenomenon predated the existence of the modern forms of Online Baccarat Games dating back to the heyday of chemin de fer throughout France and in Monte Carlo. The casino operators observed that ordinary shuffling did not sufficiently break up the order of the cards. Consequently, entire hands would repeat from one shoe to the next. This knowledge could be exploited by perceptive players. Therefore, the casinos instituted complex procedures to break up the order of every distinct six-card sequence. These procedures survive to this day.
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Other Real Poker Games
For the sake of brevity I limited my main discussion on rules and strategy to Texas Hold'em, Seven-Card Stud, and Omaha High/Low 8-or-Better, as they are currently the most common games among serious players. Several other games are less common, but are good card games nonetheless and have followings in professional circles and online. Playing these games once in a while will add variety to your poker night and broaden your base as a player.
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