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Analyzing The Shuffle

Richard Epstein's Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic provided the first (and only) detailed analysis of card shuffling. Epstein conducted actual shuffles rather than computer-simulated ones and wrote, "It was found that highly expert shufflers create sequences in single-card interlacings approximately eight times as frequent as twocard interlacings: a group of three cards appears less than once per shuffle ... It is evident from this operation that a large measure of orderliness is preserved for a small number of shuffles." The study recorded single-card interlacings 80 percent of the time, two cards 18 percent, and three cards 5 percent.

Anthony Curtis, editor of the Las Vegas Advisor, conducted a similar experiment. He obtained empirical data from four professional Las Vegas dealers who interleaved single cards 66 percent of the time, two cards 26 percent, three cards 5 percent, four cards 2 percent, and five cards less than 1 percent. While there are substantial differences between the two studies, it is evident that a player may, at least in theory, be able to predict cards to be dealt based on his knowledge of the shuffle and the previous deck order.

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Unethical Play
Players are prohibited from engaging in any activity that violates the principles of fair play. including, but not limlited to. the following:

A. Manipulating cards or chips, including splashing the pot with the intention of slowing the game.
B. Intentionally observing live hole cards held by other players without announcing that they are visible.
C. Communicating with other players in order to develop any unfair advantage, including collusion, the provision of advice during a hand, or the announcement of holdings.
D. Implicit collusion, such as two players agreeing to check through when a third player is all-in, or a table deliberately playing slowly to avoid eliminating players.
E. Taking any actions intended to benefit another player or making arrangements in advance to split tournament Winnings.
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