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Analyzing The Shuffle
Currently, in the majority of casinos, very great pains are taken to try to randomize the deck. Often the cards are "washed" before shuffling. This involves taking three or more decks at a time, placing the cards face down on the felt, and moving them back and forth like in a washing machine for at least a minute. This breaks up the new-deck card sequences, which eliminates most of the deck order. A fine riffle shuffle can then be used to separate blocks of cards. Moreover, the discards are often not inserted into a discard tray, which would preserve their order, but into a big can which allows them to fall about in an unordered sequence. At big-table Online Baccarat Games, new cards may well be brought in after every shoe.

The procedure at the smaller tables is very different. Often mini Online Baccarat Games dealers do not bother with these complex processes and use a online blackjack games-style discard tray. Sometimes a casino will simply slap a miniOnline Baccarat Games felt on a online blackjack games table. The gaming industry is clearly unaware of the reasons for the elaborate shuffling of a Online Baccarat Games shoe and treats it simply as a ceremonial measure.

With three riffles of six or eight decks, there is a slight correlation between the two-card sequences of a pack of cards dealt before a shuffle and after. This correlation is probably not exploitable. Sometimes you may find shuffles which are less thorough.

With the sloppiest of one-pass shuffles, it is possible you may be able to predict the order of entire hands as they repeat. In cases where the proper procedure is not followed, the games may be vulnerable to the method described next.
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Show One, Show All.
If a player intentionally shows his cards to another player with a live hand, tile entire hand is considered exposed and must he shown to all players immediately; if a player shows his cards to another Player who does not have a live hand, the exposed hand must he preserved and, upon any request, shown to all players after the hand is complete. This rule applies even if the card exposure occurs after the hand is decided.
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