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Online Baccarat Games Etiquette Miscellany


-- Understand the limits at the table you're playing at. Don't come to a $20 minimum table and start making $5 bets.

-- The player hand sees and acts upon his cards first. If holding the shoe, don't peek at the cards you've dealt till the player hand is opened. It's not prohibited but is considered bad form.

-- The callman will run the games. Don't interfere with his decisions. An experienced dealer will know what he's doing.

-- Dealers at Online Baccarat Games can receive tips, and it's proper to toke them, especially after a big win, or at the end of your stay at the table.

-- The dealers will be happy to get any player free beverages, cigars and cigarettes, and sometimes food if the games is a rather long one. Just ask them to call over a cocktail waitress.

-- The games is slow and relaxed. There's no way to rush the games, so sit down and make yourself comfortable and play according to the rhythm of the games.


Multi-Table Tournaments

Multi-table tournaments demand some deviations from the example structure we identified for our single-table event. You should definitely allow at least one re-buy, since being eliminated immediately from a big event is such a drag. (An add-on is another reasonable option.) The last remaining players will have more chips in a multi-table tournament than a single-table one, requiring higher levels of blinds and perhaps a fourth denomination of chip. Big tournaments are usually designed to last most of the evening, so instead of doubling the blinds each time, try a more gradual increase through the early and middle levels. Finally, the presence of more players means that you should award prize money to more of them. Table 14.2 is an example of a good structure and payout scheme for a twenty-five-player tournament.

Another major decision is the number of starting tables. The fewer there are, the easier the tournament will be to manage. But the slower pace of these tournaments makes overcrowded tables a big discomfort. The number of players between starting tables shouldn't vary by more than one. As examples, for a tournament with eighteen players, you would probably start with two tables of - nine. But with twenty players and typical tables, two of seven and one of six would probably be better than two of ten.
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