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Online Baccarat Games Miscellanea

4. The famous gambling scene in Casino Royale, when James Bond defeats his archenemy, the communist agent Le Chiffre, at the Online Baccarat Games table is based on a real incident. In the days when Bond's creator, Ian Fleming, worked for MI6, the British secret service, he once stayed at the Palacio Hotel on the Tagus estuary in Estoril, which contained a plush casino. Fleming played against some local Portuguese businessmen for low stakes, and lost in what was apparently a rather deflating evening. At the end of the session, Fleming remarked to a companion that if they had been playing against Russian agents the evening would have been more exciting, proving that fact is often duller than fiction.

5. Sean Connery, for many the archetypal Bond, actually knew nothing about the games he played with such confidence time and time again in the films. When a gambling author attempted to explain the rules to Connery in a casino, they were interrupted by an old lady asking for Connery's autograph. When she inquired what they were doing, Connery, anxious not to destroy the illusion, murmured that were discussing "advanced strategy." The old lady went away happy.

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- With a low that is good but short of the nuts, you will usually be trapped into calling on the river. (You shouldn't be drawing to non-nut lows in the first place, but it happens.) Just don't let yourself get caught between two raisers.

- The ideal situation before the showdown is to have a lock on both halves of the pot. If you are luck-,,,, another player will have a strong hand one way and raise back at you, allowing you to re-raise yourself. Even if that opponent also has the nuts one way, you stand to win three quarters of a big pot. Regularly taking half pots in Omaha is great, but you need to scoop whole pots once in a while to really build up your stack. Starting hand selection is designed to set you up for just that.
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