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Online Baccarat Games Miscellanea

6. An Asian gentlemen by the name of Ken Mizuno rightly deserves the title of King of the High Rollers. This individual would think of nothing of betting $200,000 a hand for several days in a row. Over a two-year period in Las Vegas he ran up debts of $65 million, possibly the greatest amount of money a player has ever lost at Online Baccarat Games, or any other gambling games

7. John Aspinall, the proprietor of the semilegendary Aspinall's private club in London, made his fortune by introducing chemin de fer to the British, usually the British playboy. Despite the fact that he beggared many of his clients, he made a surprisingly good name for himself by never resorting to violence when attempting to reclaim gambling debts, which are not reclaimable in English law; he merely appealed to his customers' sense of honor and fair play. Only in England could you get this to work.

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A Parting Shot on Omaha-8
From a purely statistical basis, the gap between the best Omaha-8 starting hands and the worst ones is not nearly as great as it is in Hold'em . Starting hand criteria in O,naha-8 are based less cm absolute hand strength than on avoiding traps into losing draws. It is chasing these losing draws, not calling with bad starters, that costs Omaha-8 players the most money. If you have a (rood understanding of the strengths and vulnerabilities of hands after the flop and you have the discipline to drop draws that you know are unwise, seeing the flop for one low bet can be a great value with a lot more hands than standard guidance allows you to call with.
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