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Online Baccarat Games Miscellanea
As with all antiques, rarity can greatly enhance value. Complete sets of chips are naturally worth more than individual chips. They may often fetch fifteen to twenty times their base value, and because Online Baccarat Games chips enjoy such pride of place in the chip hierarchy, and because their relatively high base value makes them a scarce commodity, even bigger profits can sometimes be realized. To find out more, try the Collector's Guide to Nevada Gaming Cheeks and Chips, Whitman Division, Western Publishing Co., 1220 Mound Ave., Racine, WI 53404. If you hear that a casino is closing down, it is a good strategy to play there on its last night and hoard as many chips as you can risk taking. Their value will almost certainly increase with time 10. Online Baccarat Games dealers enjoy a privileged position, earning up to $50,000 per year in the larger casinos. They typically receive significantly more on top of their basic pay in the form of tips.

It's not unknown for a "whale" to leave a team of croupiers $10,000 or more after a single winning session.
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Low-Fixed-Limit Games
You can adequately supply fixed-limit games front 50(-$l to $2-54 with a ,well-thought-out set of ,500 chips. I will base this section on the set I recommended in chapter 5: 325 whites, 100 reds, 50 greens, and ?5 blacks. (Obviously yon can choose any chip colors yon want, but it makes this discussion easier to refer to chips by their standard color order.) Such a set can also accommodate pot and no-limit formats, including a single-table tournament.
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