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The Online Baccarat Games commonly played in the United States today is a combination of two variations of the games, European Online Baccarat Games and chemin de fer (see the Page titled "Online Baccarat Games Variations" for a description of these two variations). The American version combines the best features of each. All players can bet on either the banker or player hand, and although the shoe rotates among the players, who take turns playing the banker hand, all wagers are covered by the casino, and the bank, subject only to a maximum-bet size, is relatively unlimited. This version of the games, originating in South America and played in England and other parts of the world under the name of punto banco, was introduced into the United States in the late 1950s by Tommy Renzoni after the Castro government closed all the casinos in Cuba.

Online Baccarat Games is a glamorous games aimed primarily at high rollers with an old-world air of graciousness. The games is played with special chips and higher stakes in a small, luxuriously appointed, roped-off area, and is dealt by tuxedoed croupiers in an atmosphere that is subdued and exclusive. Lady Luck is the predominant factor; whether you Will or lose a bundle often depends on the turn of a single card, and the pay is dictated by chance, not by choice.

In most casinos, minimum bets are $20 or more (although a few casinos still open $5 games), although at certain times the minimum can be as high as $100. Maximum bets range from $1,000 to $2,000, but as usual, the larger casinos frequently raise the limit for well-heeled high rollers, and $500 chips are available for larger wagers. Because of the relatively high level of betting, Online Baccarat Games is not a very popular games, and most casinos offer just a few tables.

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Exposed Burn Cards
A card that should be burned but is mistakenly dealt farce-up to the board is still the barn card; it is simply shown to all players and discarded, and the correct card is dealt in its place to the board.
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