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Betting Strategy Commission
To most players, the difference between the house having a 1 percent advantage over you, and you having a 1 percent over the house, might not seem like much. To illustrate the difference this makes, take the example of a player who has $2,000 and bets $20 per hand on the bank in a no-commission games. He has a greater than 90 percent chance of doubling his money before losing it. Note that this is the exact reverse of the ordinary situation, in which the bank gets a 5 percent commission. When the odds are against you, the best tactic is to shove out as much money as possible. When they are with you, you want to employ the opposite strategy, betting conservatively till your long-run advantage kicks in.

The correct way to bet in a no-commission games is simple: bet 1 percent of your "bankroll" on each and every hand. Your bankroll is the amount of money you're willing to risk gambling, and should be separated from the money you need for necessities. Of course, it's not practical to reassess your bet on every hand, but you should reassess your bet every time you take a break or if your bankroll rises or falls dramatically. A good strategy is to cut your bets in half when your bankroll is halved, and to double your bets when your bankroll is doubled. This will allow you to win at the fastest rate possible without running an unacceptable risk of going broke.
Handling Money
Be particularly careful when cashing out players who leave early, since you can't check the arithmetic as above.
1 . Eliminate coinage by rounding players' cash-out amounts down or up to the nearest dollar so that the total remains the same.
2 . Speaking of coins, it is not unreasonable to refuse to accept coins for buy-ins. Players shouldn't be able to use your game as a clearing house for their loose change.
3 . Cashing out will be easier if you ask players to buy-in with some small bills. As a backup, you should keep a roll of ones and fives handy for the game.
4 . One wav to avoid miscounts when issuing or collecting chips is to buy a few plastic chip racks. Quality poker chips have an industry-standard thickness that allows a stack of chips to be counted by height. The aforementioned racks are designed to hold chips in five stacks of twenty; when a row is full, you know there are twenty chips there, without the need to count them manually..
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