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Card-Counting Chemin

The only published study I am aware of about the potential of cardcounting strategies on chemin de fer was by Down ton and Lockwood in an article entitled "Computer Studies of Online Baccarat Games" (Journal of the Royal Statistical Association, 1975). They tried adding and removing various combinations of cards from the shoe in various computer calculations without finding a situation in which the player had an advantage. The closest they came was when the deck contained an extra forty-eight lOs and no 5s, 6s, 7s, or 8s. They concluded that an excess of l0s and 4s seems to favor the player, as does a lack of 6s and 7s.

In the light of the work that has been done on American-style Online Baccarat Games this is hardly surprising, since as far as the player is concerned the rules are very similar, and we have already seen that no worthwhile counting strategy exists for the player in the modern games.

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New Players
A new player receives cards immediately and is not obligated to post blinds or a dealer ante. However, in games With blinds, a player may not enter the game in the small blind or dealer position and must wait until the deal passes to receive a hand.
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