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The techniques described in the neat few pages fall under the heading of advantage play." This is a catch-all term used to describe any technique which is both legal and gives the player an advantage over the house. Prior to the publication of this site, it was widely assumed that no method existed which could give the player the ability to take on the casinos at Online Baccarat Games. Many gambling websites will tell you that there is no way to win consistently at Online Baccarat Games. In fact, there are ways, though Online Baccarat Games is by no means the easiest games at which to make money.

The first scientifically based approach to Online Baccarat Games was that of card counting. What follows is a concise history of the subject. Readers familiar with this subject may skip or skim through this section, which is intended to explain the concepts involved to a beginner. Card-counting is an advanced gambling tool, which could in theory give a player the advantage in almost any card games. Card-counting was developed in the 1950s by Dr. Edward Thorp. Professor Thorp is so extraordinary that had he not really lived, as a character of fiction his exploits would have been dismissed as far-fetched. Unquestionably the greatest mind ever to turn his attention to gambling, Thorp has made small fortunes at online blackjack games, roulette, and sports betting; he also pioneered the incredibly successful "warrant-hedging" technique on the greatest gambling games of all, the stock market. Over $65 billion have passed through his hands over the last few decades, and his personal fortune can only be guessed at. He is without doubt the most successful gambler who has ever lived. All of this was due to an extraordinary ability to understand the mathematics of gambling games and devise practical systems to bend chance to his will.

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When Do You Have to Show Your Cards?
The player whose bet/raise was called last (or the first player in the rotation if no bet was made) has to show his cards first. The showing of hands then rotates around the table, with players who can beat the preceding hand(s) showing their cards. Players who can't beat the best hand showing can show their cards if they want to; however, it is customary to allow players to throw in their hands face down if they have lost and don't want to reveal what they had.

Casino poker rooms, which have a vested financial interest in preventing cheating at their establishments, frequently allow any player who called to the end of a hand to see any other player's cards after the hand if he so desires. By doing so, that player can assure himself that he wasn't the target of some sort of collusion. This rule isn't necessary in a social home game, however, where the chances of outright cheating are small.
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