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Casino Crew

Standing at the center of the layout are two croupiers, each responsible for selling chips and collecting the losing wagers and paying off the winners on their respective half of the table. Printed on the table layout directly in front of them are 14 small boxes numbered to correspond with the player betting spots, and used to keep track of any commissions owed by the players.

Opposite these dealers sit another croupier, the caller, who directs the games. He tells the player with the shoe when to deal and to whom, and subsequently announces the winning hand. The caller also removes the first card in the shoe after the shuffle and turns it face up. The point value of this card, with face cards counting as 10 for this purpose, determines how many cards are to be burned, and the caller then places them in the discard slot in the table, just in front of him. Cards from completed hands are also collected by the caller and deposited in this slot. This continues until the cut card appears in front of the shoe, signaling a new shuffle after the completion of that hand

Dead Hhands and Protected Cards
1. Any hand that does not contain the correct number of cards for tile current stage of the hand, including the showdowns, is dead.
2. An v hand that contains an invalid card such as a joker at the showdown is dead.
3. Notwithstanding the following rule, any hand is dead if it touches a) the discard pile, b) another players live hand, or c) another player's folded hand.
4. Hole cards that are protected by a chip or some other object are still live if they can be reliably differentiated from the cards that contacted them.
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