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Caveat Emptor

There are currently progression systems offered for sale through the Internet. Many are glossily advertised and come with the slick confident assurances of professional con men. All such systems are variants of existing progression systems. It is unreasonable to buy such systems because:

1. They don't work.
2. All progression systems operate on the same basic principles and are all, therefore, known.
3. They don't work.

Unfortunately, there is always a ready market of people who wish to make their fortunes quickly and painlessly. My way to riches is complex and requires study, but it does work. The ways of the system sellers are short and painless but lead nowhere.

There are a number of key phrases that mark out the system seller. Inevitably, their advertisement will have the word "free" in there somewhere, which is only playing with words, since there is always money to pay further down the line or they wouldn't be in business. They will often talk about Online Baccarat Games in a pseudo-scientific manner, using words and phrases which may not be familiar to you but do sound impressive. They may talk about "real-world conditions." This is because any Online Baccarat Games system currently available doesn't work, and, therefore, the result of any computer simulation would show this to be the case. So they will pretend that Online Baccarat Games computer simulations are not mathematically the same as Online Baccarat Games played in a casino. Of course, computer simulations are not as exciting as playing in the real casino, but that is another matter.

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The Struggle Against Kiddie Poker
On any given Friday evening, vast legions of poker players across the country bolt from the confines of their jobs and families to gather around dimly lit tables and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of beer bottles, cigar fines, and poker chips. The perfect poker game is congenial but competitive-classy in form but a little seedy in substance. It satiates a rebellious streak in all of us; we rebel from the daily grind of PC professional life by trying to take each other's money in an enclave of rugged, unapologetic individualism. That's why poker resonates with most Americans as an activity that is culturally substantial-even patriotic. Besides all that, it's a great setting for a party, and most participants show up for the social event as much as the cards. Even so, given the immense popularity of poker in this country, one would think that the average American player is fairly competent, in the same wav that one might expect the average Swiss person to hold their own on a ski slope. Poker is our national card game, right?

Not exactly. There are certainly a lot of good poker players out there. But the sobering truth is that the average American player, despite spending hundreds of hours at a "poker" table, has no idea what poker is or how to play it. If poker were an Olympic sport, Switzerland would cream its.
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