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Unusual for a casino card games, the Online Baccarat Games player is virtually immune from being cheated by the house. This is because of the structure of the games. The games is not a straight adversarial confrontation between the house and the player. Most of the money is dealt on the main part of the games, the banker or player bets. If this amount is divided approximately equally between the banker or player, the casino would have no incentive to cheat, since it would merely be favoring one side over the other, with its gains canceling its losses.

With a single player, such as a high roller, cheating would have to be done after the player had placed his bet, since most players will switch between player and bank intermittently. The standard tricks of cardsharps, such as dealing seconds, are designed for handheld singledeck games and are not easily transferable to shoe games. One method that could be used to cheat the player involves a specially made dealing box which delivers cards to the dealer through a slit in its side when tapped. This can be done surreptitiously to give the player up to nine cards when there is a large bet on the banker. While such devices were common in the 1950s and 1960s, I think it's highly unlikely that one would be found today, as it would constitute prima facie evidence of cheating. In the United States of America, the greatly increased powers of various gaming control bodies have in any case restricted, though not eliminated, the prevalence of cheating.

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How to Lose
What makes this process difficult is that short-term results can be spectacularly misleading indicators of long-term trends. (That's why serious players always keep records of their wins and losses, which isn't a bad idea even if you only play home poker.) In environments like poker, it is almost impossible for actual results to ever equal the expected results, especially over short periods of time like one hand, one session, or even a string of sessions. Poker players use the term swings to identify the phenomenon. Swings are the inevitable monetary ups and downs that a poker player will experience as he plays the game. In my experience, swings can be just as brutal at a home game, even a fairly tight one, as they are in a loose casino game.
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