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To protect oneself, it's best to never travel in or out of the casino alone. Be especially cautious if ,you have a long winning streak. If you were a thief, what would you do? Mug tourists at random or go after the guy at the Online Baccarat Games table who decides to quit after winning ten hands in a row? If you feel you're being watched, ask the pit personnel if there's another exit you can use.

Here's a trick I learned from a fellow professional to protect yourself. Take an old wallet and some dead credit cards, cutting your name and any identifying information off them. Add some business cards, passport photos, and any other miscellaneous junk you can think of Put twenty single dollar bills into the wallet. This makes it look very inviting, and you can use this money for incidental expenses. You want everyone to think your real cash comes from the wallet, whereas it is actually stored in several locations around your person where a mugger would be less likely to look, such as an inside pocket.

When you buy in for chips at the cashier cage, "palm" your real dollars, i.e., unobtrusively remove them hidden in the palm of your hand, then make a show of reaching for your wallet and pretending to extract your money. When cashing out, take the wallet out, motion that you're putting your winnings inside, but palm the folded bills. Then put your wallet in your hip pocket, and as you turn away from the cage, put your real money in your coat pocket while anyone checking you out is on your blind side.

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Inspire Your Group
More importantly, be enthusiastic about the game. Enthusiasm is contagious. Without going overboard and being a total dork, lean forward to try to spark interest in poker among your group:

- If you send out invitations by email, attach links to poker websites. The discussion group (RGP) is the internal communication system of the poker community, and although the new mass popularity of the game has degraded its content quite a bit, it's still worthwhile.

- Refer your newer players to Internet poker rooms. Most of these sites have "play money" games that allow players to get a feel for the mechanics of formal poker Without putting any money at risk. While free online poker games are great places to learn the formats of games, I strongly discourage you from trying to work on strategy- in free games. As I stated in chapter l, it is impossible to play real poker with bets that are valueless.
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