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One method to predict the value of the first card is an illegal variant of bottom-steering, whereby the player sits down at an unoccupied table, is given the cut-card, and stabs it into the pack, twisting it so he can see the denomination of the card at that point in the deck. If it is a good card he will know that the player has a good chance of success; if it is bad, the banker will be favored. If it is neutral, he will remove the cutcard and search for another card elsewhere in the deck. He then places a large bet on the option favored by the first card.

A simple method preferred by sleight-of-hand artists is known as hand-mucking. The cheat conceals cards in his sleeves, sits down at the Online Baccarat Games table waiting till no eyes are on him, places a large bet, and switches his cards for the ones he has been dealt.

A "dauber" physically marks the back of certain cards with small quantities of paint on his fingers. He can then tell when they are going to appear in the future. Because this technique is often easily detected, some clever daubers pioneered a technique using ultraviolet paint (which is normally invisible to the naked eye) and ultraviolet contact lenses. Because of this ingenious method, most casinos, in their formidable array of games-protection devices, now have surveillance equipment which can detect ultraviolet

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Selling Good Limits
Use what you've read in this and the previous chapter to explain to them that your goal is a quality game and that meaningful limits are a prerequisite of such a game. If you are new to real poker yourself, cite your inexperience as a reason for your friends to drop their concerns that they are being led into some kind of sting. If you happen to be a player who has already moved beyond kiddie poker, it is actually very helpful if you regularly play higher limits, at either a casino or another private game; such experience gives you credibility and helps you lead by example at the poker table. You can also use your involvement in other bigger games to demonstrate to your friends that any money that might change hands at your home game is a drop, or a cup at the very most, in your poker bucket. Explain that your motivation for creating a good home game is to cultivate some poker comrades or at least give the group something better to do on Friday nights than going to the boobie bar.
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