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To encourage further play at the tables, casinos will often offer free "match-play" coupons or chips (there is no practical difference between the two). These allow you to make a no-lose wager at the casino games of your choice. This is free money, so take it! When you use the freebie you must place a wager equivalent to its value alongside it, e.g., if the match play is worth $10, you must put $10 of your own money down beside it.

Sometimes the casino will not allow you to put the chip on any wager which does not pay 1 to 1, which disqualifies both the banker and tie bets (it's not a good idea to put it on the tie anyway). If you lose your bet, they take your money and your coupon. If you win, they pay you the value of your money bet plus the value of the coupon, which is still taken away from you. If there is a push, no money changes hands and your coupon is not taken.

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How to Lose
This is as good a place as any to discuss an important vignette of scintillation} awareness at a poker table: your own emotional state. I could have brought this up in the chapter about being a good sport or in the chapter about maintaining the appeal of your game to your guests. But in order to address this challenge, we have to know something about probability theory and tells-because ultimately failing to handle losing is a financial issue.
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