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Dealer Errors

Especially clever players can induce misplays by inexperienced dealers. One little known but effective technique is to bet an identical amount of multiple chips for several hands, then unobtrusively slip a higher denomination chip on the bottom hand. Should the player lose, the chances are that the dealer will not notice the bottom chip and fail to separate it from those of lower denomination. The player then bets a large amount of lower-denomination chips, preferably on several boxes, in the hope that should these bets win, the dealer will reach into his rack and return the higher denomination chip.

Naturally, it helps to look for dealers nearing the end of a graveyard shift who seem either fatigued or inexperienced. Of course, sometimes dealers make errors without any help from the player. An acquaintance of mine once received an Ace and a 10 as his first two cards, and was somewhat surprised when the dealer took the cards from him and paid three to two on his bet; he would have been less surprised if he had actually been playing not Online Baccarat Games but online blackjack games, for which this would have been the appropriate response. Anyway, my friend wasn't confident enough to inform the dealer of his awareness that they were playing two different games, and so he humbly accepted the payment.

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Where Winnings Come From
The point of these examples is to illustrate the methodology of using your opponents' actions and the information available in the visible cards to narrow down the possibilities of hands that they hold. Armed with that knowledge, you will make more informed decisions during the hand than opponents who don't make the same effort. If you put in some solid time playing poker against opponents who understand basic strategy and use it, you will be amazed how quickly you can learn to read hands. Could you be wrong? Sure. Your opponents could be playing erratically or deliberately misleading you, which brings up the other side of this coin.
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