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Dealer's Duties

Three dealers are used to service the games. The dealer between positions 1 and 15 is known as the call man and he runs the games from a standing position. He receives all the cards, places them in the appropriate boxes, and then decides, according to the rigid rules of the games, whether any hand should stand or draw a card. After the final draw, he announces which hand has won.

After the winner is announced, the two other dealers, who remain seated throughout the games, pay off winning bets and collect the losing bets. If the winning wager was a bank bet, a record of the commission due on that wager is kept in the appropriate box area. If player 4, for example, had won a $100 bank bet, then he'd owe the casino a $5 commission, and a $5 marker would be placed in the box marked "4."

The commissions aren't collected immediately, but are due and payable after the eight decks in the shoe are depleted and before the cards are reshuffled for the next series of games. Commissions are also due when a player leaves the games.

Basic Strategy for Locked Hands

Perforrn a stupidity check to ensure that your hand is either the absolute nuts or a statistical certainty, to win. Without giving up too many tells, reexamine all the up cards, recheck your cards if you have to, and make sure you aren't missing anything. If there are more cards to come, make sure you know what cards, if any, could spoil your hand. Misevaluating a made hand as a locked hand, especially before the cards are done being dealt, is one of the most demoralizing mistakes made by inexperienced players.
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