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Total Values Hands

All cards-ace through 9-are valued according to their spot or pip count, with the exception of the 10, jack, queen, and king, all of which are valued at zero.

In Online Baccarat Games, however, no hand can total more than 9, and since there are two cards in each hand, and sometimes three, all totals above 10 have 10 subtracted from the value of the hand. For example, an 8 and 5 total 13, but 10 is subtracted to make the hand into a 3.

The following are some other examples of card totals to make this concept clearer:
Cards Hand total
6 and 5 1
4 and 9 3
2 and king 2
9 and ace 0
10 and king 0
8 and 8 6
6 and 4 and 9 9
8 and 3 and king 1
10 and 2 and queen 2

Pair Hand

The term "pair" applies very loosely here. It refers to hands that have some strength by virtue of matched ranks-in other words, a pair, two pair, or trips. (A starting hand of high cards can be included in this category because of its good chance of quickly becoming a high pair.) Obviously I am lumping together a wide range of hands, but the commonality of these hands is not in their absolute strengths; it's in their vulnerability to straights, flushes, and higher-ranking pair hands.
Because they already possess some strength and can beat missed draws, pair hands that appear to be the best hand currently at the table have positive expectations not only in terms of the existing pot but in terms of current bets. (Weaker pair hands may already be dominated, which changes things.) But because most of these hands have comparatively small chances of quantum improvement and are vulnerable to so many others that do (for example, straights and flush draws), the presence of multiple opponents significant],,, decreases their odds of winning, and thence their expectations. This is why pair hands are best heads,q). (Caveat: Powerful hands at the beginning of a hand, such as AA before the flop in Hold'em or trips on third street in Stud, are strong enough to be best against larger fields of opponents.)
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