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Bet Every Hand?

Neither in big-table nor mini-Online Baccarat Games is it necessary to bet on every hand. The house knows that a lot of players like to wait for certain win-loss patterns to occur before placing a bet. Some casinos will continue dealing regardless of whether or not there is a wager on the table.

The speed of the games varies greatly according to the number of players at the table and the habits of the players. Many players enjoy heightening the tension of the games by turning their cards over with great deliberation. On average, big-table Online Baccarat Games is by far the slowest of all casino table games. Mini-Online Baccarat Games is another story, however, and as many as six hundred hands can be dealt in an hour. Even playing alone, you would rarely get through eight decks in much less than an hour at the big games.

Pot Draw
• Be prepared to fold if yovar odds of icinning drop significantly. In Stud, watch for the appearance of your outs in the up cards. Also, remember that your actual odds of winning with a draw are based on the chance of making the draw minus the chance of someone else making or having a bigger hand.
• Betting or raising on a pot draw is inconsistent with basic strategy, but as you'll see in the next chapter, it can be tactically viable.
• Implied pot odds can make it correct for you to stay with a draw if your immediate pot odds don't quite get you there, but only if (1) the gap is small, (2) you are drawing to the best hand or close to it, and (3) you are fairly certain that you are in a position to make your opponents pay you off if you hit.
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