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Does Mini-Online Baccarat Games

Many players maintain that the odds in mini-Online Baccarat Games are different from those in the main games. On the face of it, there would seem to be a possible basis for this claim. It is true that since the rules are identical there should be no difference between the odds of the two games; on the other hand, it may be that the different shuffling styles could cause different results.

A plausible scenario might be that cards sloppily shuffled from "new-deck" order would favor the player, the bank, or tie. New decks are ordered in the following sequences: Ace to King, Ace to King, King to Ace, King to Ace. Ten-valued cards will clump together, creating many zero-valued hands. It can be seen that cards dealt out in new-deck order will heavily favor the tie bet if no shuffling took place but of course this would never happen. Perhaps this tie bias could survive a simple shuffle?

I tested this idea on Dennis Suggs's "Online Baccarat Games Buster" software, which has the ability to simulate real-world shuffles. Unfortunately, with anything approaching the complexity of even the simplest casino shuffle, any inherent bias is removed and the various bets even out. For those of you who distrust computers and doubt their ability to simulate the myriad factors inherent in a real shuffle, there is data on actual games from Eriek St. Germain in his Seventy-two Days at the Online Baccarat Games Table. The author analyzed thousands of shoes of both big-table Online Baccarat Games and mini-Online Baccarat Games. His conclusion: "If there is a difference, it is very tiny."

Of course, this depends very much on the shuffling practices of the casinos where St. Germain spent time studying, but in the absence of anv cantrarv data, my suggestion is that the two versions of the games do not differ significantly, and my research has been conducted with this in mind.

This does not mean, however, that the respective shuffling processes are completely random, merely that a player with no knowledge of the ordering of the cards should assume that the expectations of the various bets are their ordinary mathematical ones.

The term usually describes poor starting hands, but "rags" is a relative term, and the concept applies throughout the course of a hand. Rags are statistically worthless because they have a negative expectation, meaning you would lose money with them in the long run if you played them. The practical definition of rags is a hand that has no special strength by virtue of containing a pair, high cards, or potential to turn into a straight or flush. (This is not to say that if a hand has one of these qualities, you should automatically play it; there are lots of high, paired, suited, or sequenced hands that you should fold.) and you don't want playing better ones. money to a pot just One of the hardest things for beginners to learn about poker is to fold weak hands even if thev have a chance of winning.
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