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The Silicon Method

I wondered if a computer might play with enough accuracy to allow me to play Online Baccarat Games with a worthwhile advantage. Computers to play online blackjack games and to predict the path of a roulette ball have been both designed and successfully tested in the casino. Their operators concealed the devices in their shoes and decoded the information they received through a series of electric vibrations. There are places in the world where use of a computer is not necessarily illegal. Nevada isn't one of them, and use of a computer there may lead to a jail sentence. Atlantic City doesn't allow it either, although there the maximum punishment you can get is comparatively small considering the potential rewards. Some European countries have no specific legislation to prevent the use of a computer.

A computer could tell me exactly when any of the three bets was favorable. All I had to do was tell it which cards had been dealt. Unfortunately, when I wrote a program to detect advantageous situations on my home computer the results were not spectacular. With a game dealt down to ten cards and perfect wagering any time there was a favorable situation, I could expect to earn approximately 4.5 percent per shoe on whatever amount I bet. (There are some games in which you may get a cut-card only nine or eight cards deep, seven if you can see the bottom card, so you may be able to earn much more than this.)

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The Player Roster
You usually don't have to start from scratch. You would be surprised how many people these days play real poker in casinos or online. Many of these players will quietly tolerate kiddie cards at home games, even if they would prefer real poker, because they aren't well versed in the forensics against kiddie cards, because they think they lack the standing to try to change things, or maybe because they don't mind taking the money_ of novices. And purely on the basis ~of the ratings, several of your acquaintances are probably fans of the World Poker Tour or the World Series of Poker coverage on ESPN or both. These progressive souls will be your collaborators: They will be very receptive to the idea of playing real card games and will form the core of your home game group. Getting them to play at meaningful limits can still be a challenge, but overall, starting a real card game with such players can be easy, especially if they haven't already been influenced by kiddie cards.

But these perfect candidates are a minority. The New York Times, in its review of James McManus's bestseller Positively Fifth Street, alleged that between 60 and 80 million Americans play poker. If that figure seems high, it is because at least three quarters of those players-in my estimation-have no significant experience with the real game. A lot of these individuals have been playing neighborhood kiddie poker happily for a long time and see no reason to change. Heck, I was one of them until just a few years ago. The younger ones like me are usually convertible, but unfortunately, the older ones usually aren't. Try to imagine being a twenty- eight-year-old guy sitting across the table from a combat Vietnam veteran in his half-million-dollar home and telling him that he has "no idea what poker is or how to play it." There are times when its best to just shut up and enjoy playing Indian Poker ,hen told to do so.
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