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European Online Baccarat Games

In European Online Baccarat Games, in addition to the player's standing or drawing on 5 as he pleases, the play of the dealer, who operates the permanent bank for the casino, is completely optional. In spite of these options, the decisions of the banker in almost all cases are exactly the same as required by the rules of play for American Online Baccarat Games. Perfect employment of these options would not increase the fixed percentage in favor of the casino by 0.5 percent. In this games, players who choose to bet with the bank to win are charged 5 percent of their winnings on each bet

The Players and the Poker Environment
Throughout this book, I refer to the real card game that you are putting together as "yours." Obviously the locations of most home games rotate, and even when you are the host, your authority over the poker goes no further than the deference of your guests.

That brings up an analogy that is a bit better suited for this chapter-and more timely, it turns out-than one with evangelism. Here it is: Establishing real poker among a group of reluctant players is a little like establishing democracy in a third-world country. You can't succeed by immediately laying down the law. The harder you try to enforce it, the less legitimate you appear in the eves of your players, and sooner or later they will recall that the way they did things before wasn't all bad. Instead, you should stand firm where you must and yield where you can to gradually build the norms and institutions of real poker. As that happens, the people will see the benefits of the new system and will take it upon themselves to live by it-whether the game is at your place or anywhere else.
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