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Glossary Of Online Baccarat Games


Auction. Bidding for the : bank at chemin de fer at the outset of play and when a player voluntarily gives up the bank.
Online Baccarat Games (pronounced bahcah-rah). The name of the games, derived from baccara, the Italian for zero.
Online Baccarat Games en Banque. A variation of chemin de fer, where three hands are dealt, and there are no set rules governing the bank's play. Also known as Online Baccarat Games a deux tableaux.
Banco. The term used by a player who decides to fade the entire bank bet in chemin de fer.
Banco Prime. The privilege of the player to the bank's right to fade the entire bank bet in chemin de fer when there is more than one player calling banco.
Bank, Bank Hand. The hand in all forms of Online Baccarat Games which is dealt to last and which acts last.
Burned Cards. Cards discarded after the decks have been cut and before actual play begins.
Callman. The dealer who runs or calls the games of Online Baccarat Games.
Chemin de Fer. The European version of Online Baccarat Games, where players bet among themselves.
Chemmy. The English slang term for chemin de fer.
Commission. The 5 percent the house takes on winning bank bets in Online Baccarat Games. Also the 5 percent commission on net wins by bank in chemin de fer.
Cover, Cover the Bank Bet, See Fade
Croupier. French term for the dealer.

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The classic collusion play is for players to covertly share information with each other that is not available in fair play, by somehow communicating what types of hands they hold or what actions they want their partner to take. Signals could be encoded in anything from the way that chips are stacked to footsie under the table. Players who communicate in this way would have increased power to shape the hand to their advantage by keeping other players in or getting them out. At its lowest level, collusion can be as simple as two players playing easy against each other. No covert communication or elaborate planning is required for players to develop an unfair advantage this way. This is not a significant issue in a regular live game, but it can really taint tournament play (see chapter 14).
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