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Glossary Of Terms
False Draw An error by the banker or player in standing or drawing a third card. Not in compliance with the rules of play.
High Roller A term derived from games using dice, but used to describe any gambler who bets large sums. In Online Baccarat Games, one suggested definition of a large sum was $10,000 on a hand; this was in the early 1990s. The term usually implies wealth and social position, along with other aspects of a glamorous or notorious lifestyle.

House Edge The percentage, on average, of money placed as bets which will be gained by the casino. For example, if the house edge on the banker bet in Online Baccarat Games is 1.06 percent, and $1 million is wagered in many
banker bets over a period, the casino would expect to collect a sum close to $10,600.
Natural A total of 8 or 9.
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But the easiest and most common way for players to cheat, by far, is collusion. It's also the most difficult to detect. Collusion is a situation in which any two or more players work together to develop an unfair advantage in a game. One type of collusion occurs when a player manipulates the deal to favor a partner. The rule that makes your hand dead if another player folds his cards into yours, even if it is accidental, is a protection against collusion, to prevent him from passing cards to you. But that same rule can be turned around by cheaters: one could become "frustrated" and "accidentally" throw his cards into the victim's hand, thus killing it, and allowing the cheater's partner to take a pot uncontested. (The moral of this story is to always protect your cards by keeping them close to you on the table and protecting them with a chip.)
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