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Glossary Of Terms
Player Whoever makes the largest wager on the player's side of the table. Player Hand The player's hand is a two- or three-card total which pays off any wagers bet on its success at 1 to 1, should it be closer to a total of 9 than the player's hand.

Punto The "player."
Push This occurs when hands tie, so bets on the player or banker hand are void.
Rules of Play The rules determining draws a third card.
Scorecards See "tally sheets."
Shill An employee of the casino who sits at a gaming table posing as a gambler in order to encourage visitors to join in the games.

Shoe The box into which the cards are placed after being shuffled and cut, and from which they are taken during the games.

Streak Any series of repeated wins by either the banker or player.

Tally Sheets Sheets of lined paper or a card provided so that players may record the fall of cards and their wins and losses.

Tie When the value of the banker hand equals the player hand. All bets on the banker or player are considered a push when this happens.

Tie Bet In Punto Banco and mini-Online Baccarat Games, a bet that the deal will produce a tie between the player and banker hands. The house pays out at 8 to 1 if a tie results.
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Extra Cards and Decks
Yet another potential method for cheating is the "ace up the sleeve," where a player has extra cards in his possession and attempts to place those cards in his hand at opportune times. He can obtain these cards by retaining them when folding a prior hand. The exchange would involve some sleight of hand, but wouldn't require a magician's skill to get away with it, especially in a party setting. This tactic can be offset by simply verifying that players turn in the same number of cards as they're dealt, which is easy in the straight-up games that I describe in this book. Also, you should periodically count the deck to make sure it contains all fifty-two cards. All this should be a matter of routine, not only as protection against cheating, but to check for honest misplacement of cards.
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