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The shoe is now given to the first player, i.e., the player sitting in seat one (or to whichever seat to the caller's right has the first player position.) The first player will deal until a player hand wins. Interestingly enough, the player dealing is technically called the banker. When a player hand wins, the shoe is passed to the second player, who now becomes the banker. The shoe is passed around the table in a counterclockwise fashion, and every player usually gets a chance to deal. When the shoe makes its way to the fifteenth player (or whichever player is last), it goes back to first player.

The object of the games is for player or bank to win by beating the other hand. The highest hand total is nine.

Let's say that the first player now has the shoe. The dealer known as the callman will indicate that all bets have been placed. When all bets are down, the callman will indicate that the deal will begin. The first card belongs to the player hand. It will be dealt facedown and slid over to the player hand. Then the dealer will deal himself a card for the bank, which is put next to, or slightly under, the shoe.

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When most people think of serious cheating at poker, they visualize slick professionals who manipulate the cards by bottom dealing, stacking the deck, or something like that. This is the kind of thing you should worry about least. You will foil 99 percent of aspiring "mechanics," as these people are called in the movies, by simply using a cut card, insisting that the deck is shuffled and cut properly before every deal (as described in the previous chapter), and never allowing the deck to go out of sight. The 1 percent of cheaters who can consistently beat these measures have much more lucrative places to be than your living room.
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