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How Play Online Baccarat Games

There is no advantage or disadvantage in being the banker, it is merely part of the ceremony, a hangover from the older European versions of Online Baccarat Games in which the holder of the bank has significant advantages. The banker does not have to bet on the bank if he chooses not to.

Players then make their bets, which can be on either player, bank, or tie, or any combination of the three. The "caller" says, "Card for the player," followed by "Card for the banker," then he repeats himself. The first and third cards go to the official "player's hand," which is held by whoever made the largest bet on the player. The second and fourth cards are dealt to the banker. The value of each hand is determined by adding the value of the two cards. Aces count as one, l0s and all face cards count as 0. Suits are not important to the working of the games.

For any total over 9, only the last digit is taken. For example, the 6 of Clubs and 7 of Spades produces a total of 3. The object of the games is to get a total as close to 9 as possible. Now, if either player has an 8 or 9 with their first two cards, it's called a "natural." Eight is commonly called "le petit“ and 9 ”le grande.” Either one wins outright unless the opposing hand also has a natural. If neither hand has a natural, then we first look at the player hand. If the player holds a score between 0 and 5, the player draws a third card; if the player holds a score of 6 or 7, the player stands. Now look at the banker's hand. With a total from 0 to 2, the banker always draws, with a 3 the bank draws unless the player drew and its third card was an 8. With a 4, the bank draws unless the player drew and its third card was either an 8, 9, or an Ace.

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Force Them Out or Keep Them In?
That is a strong hand, and for all intents and purposes, you will always win with it. In complete contrast to a player who starts with two pair, you don't really care how many opponents stick around for the draw, since none of them can hurt you. Even if all of them complete their draws, you are still going to win. In fact, the more of them who stick around for the draw, the better for you, since any of them who make a good hand will lose a lot of their money to you. The higher strength of your four aces makes you effectively invulnerable to the number of opponents you face.
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