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The player bet gives the house a 1.23 percent advantage. This may not sound like much, and, indeed, compared to most other bets in the casino it is very favorable (as we'll see later), but you should understand that in the long run, this small advantage to the house is decisive. Over a long period of play, the house edge becomes more and more decisive, till the gambler is virtually certain to be behind. To put it in its proper perspective, in Online Baccarat Games and other casino games this small edge of a little more than 1 percent is responsible for the gilded magnificence of some of the world's grandest casinos. The foundations of the world's great gambling centers, Las Vegas and Monaco, were laid on just such a small edge. In a short period of play, however, it is of comparatively little importance. The tie bet, widely ridiculed as a "sucker bet," has a 14.36 percent edge for the casino. The following chart gives you precise information as to the house edges for various bets and their win probabilities in a typical games:

Number of Decks Banker Wins Player Wins Tie
Infinite 45.84% 44.61% 9.54%
Eight 45.85% 44.62% 9.52%
Six 45.86% 44.62% 9.50%

The house edges are as follows:

Number of Decks
Banker Wins
Player Wins
  5% Comm 4% Comm.  
Infinite 1.06% .61% 1.23% 4.54%
Eight 1.06% .60% 1.23% 4.84%
Six 1.06% .60% 1.24% 4.93%
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Implied Pot Odds
This is a very important extension of the concept of pot odds. We have already discussed how you must include the actions of players yet to act when you are figuring out your effective pot odds for a betting round. If that's true, then why not incorporate what those players will do in later betting rounds? The following example will illustrate why this can be important:
Q: Suppose you are playing $2-$4 Texas Hold'em. You are on the button with K•9*. Only you and the blinds call before the flop, making the pot S6. The flop is J • 5 V3 V. The first two players check, and you check also. This makes you preth- sure that no one has trips and is drawing to a full house. The turn card is A*, giving you a draw to the my flush. Now, the first player opens With the `1;4 bet-you put him on a pair of acesand the second player calls. What odds are you getting from the pot?
A: Your effective pot odds for the round are easy. The pot size is $14, so hour pot odds are 14:4, or 3/,: l. As you’ll see later, these odds aren't quite good enough to justify call, because your odds of making the flush on the river are only about 1:4. But let's think about it a little more. Let's say you call the $4 bet. That will be your last contribution to the pot if you miss the flush on the river, because you will fold. But if you hit the flush, you will probably in additional bets from your opponents: They might check if a third diamond appears on the river, but after you bet, you should get a call from at least the earlier opener. If this is what happens, then the pot size you are going after on the turn is really $18, not $14. That gives pot odds on the turn of 4'h_:l, which is good enough to call with your flush draw! And that is almost the worst case: if the opener bets into you after you make your flush and the second player calls, your raise will win yon even more bets.
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