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(An infinite deck is one which never runs out of cards, or, alternatively, a deck which is shuffled after every card is dealt. No casino would do this; this is for illustrative purposes only, although there is a casino in Las Vegas that once used a 144-deck shoe!)

The reason the house edge is higher for the tie bet, if six decks are used rather than eight, is related to the fact that when six decks are used the removal of a card changes the deck structure more rapidly. This decreases the chances of the player and banker drawing same-valued cards, which greatly increases the chances of a tie when it occurs. To illustrate, say we are playing a game with eight decks and the player draws a 6 for his first card. The chance that the banker will draw a 6 for his first card is 7.46 percent. In a six-deck games, the chance would be 7.39 percent. This difference is relatively slight, but becomes more important as more cards are dealt.

Something similar happens to the player and bank bets, though not to any noticeable degree. The bank bet becomes fractionally more profitable at the expense of the player bet. It is hard to see why this should be the case, but it probably has to do with the fact that the bank's more complicated rules for drawing a third card allow it to compensate for changes from the ordinary deck structure, while the player's "brute force" rules for drawing a third card do not. For a more detailed discussion of the effects of card removal.
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Don't Let the Poker Affect Your Demeanor
If this tells us anything, it is that controlling your emotions at a poker table is a skill. It reflects well on your character, makes your game more appealing to your guests, and can have a big impact on your results. I will explore this issue more in a later chapter, but for now, suffice it to say that sportsmanship is as important in poker as it is in any other game.
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