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Eliminating ties, the banker wins 50.68 percent of the time, compared to the player's 49.32 percent. If ties are not counted as trials, then the house advantage over the banker should be 1.1692 percent, and over the player 1.3650 percent. In this instance, the house "tax" on the banker is 2.5341 percent. It can be seen that the banker and player are mutually exclusive entities in the tradition of other gambling games, such as red and black at roulette, or the "do" and "don't" bets at craps. Unlike other casino games, however, there is no stigma attached to betting against what the other players at the table are doing. If you sit down and bet banker while everyone else is betting on a player streak, you will not be blamed if the player hand wins. This may come as news to dice players.

The banker bet is unusual in that it is the only bet in the casino which offers less than even money on a winning bet. Most casinos cater to human nature by offering wagers which pay 1 to 1 or greater. The bank bet is the best bet Online Baccarat Games offers, but because of its 0.95 return on investment it is not as likely as many less favorable wagers to win you a large amount of money on a very lucky streak. For the same reasons, it will not lose you as much money on a long losing streak.

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Despite that inauspicious origin, cheaters in the poker community are rare today, at least as far as I know. The topic appears Mainly in the form of apocryphal RGP posts or discussions about the rules or procedures needed to minimize the possibility of collusion. If your limits go above $10 big bets, word on your game spreads around the county, and strangers wearing leather jackets and sunglasses start showing up at your house on poker night, you might have to be watchful for cheats. Otherwise, you really don't have to worry about it. Hopefully, the people you hang out with are honorable. And even if they're not, the reality is that the risk-to-gain ratio of cheating at poker makes it a stupid play, especially for someone at a home game who probably belongs to the social circle of the other players.
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