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My inquiries into the existence of the tie bet revealed that it had originally been offered at 9 to 1, but over the years it was gradually replaced by the less favorable payoff. I have no idea why this is the case. Possibly greed? A casino in Maryland offered the tie at 9 to 1 as part of a weekend promotion last year, though I believe this has been discontinued. There are probably casinos that offer this elsewhere. I have also been told that lower bank commissions and higher tie payoffs are often granted to high rollers on request.

Why is the tie bet such a bad wager compared to the bank and player bets? For two reasons. First, the gambling industry has long realized that people overvalue long-shot wagers, while simultaneously undervaluing short-odds wagers. By and large, gamblers prefer to risk a small amount of money in the hope of an occasional big payoff than risk a large amount in the virtual certainty of a small payoff Because of this, you will usually find that long-odds wagers have a very high house take, because the public will tolerate awful odds in the hope of making a big score. This isn't just in Online Baccarat Games, by the way. In roulette, the even-chance wagers are more favorable than the single numbers; at craps, the don't pass and don't came bets are vastly more favorable than the field bets; at the races or the dog track, you will find you will lose much less betting on hot favorites than on outsiders.

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Don't Let the Poker Affect Your Demeanor
In other words, don't be happy or cocky when you are winning; don't be sad or sullen when you are losing; don't rub it in when you win a hand; and don't complain when you lose a hand. This is a tough rule to follow.
In fact, I have never succeeded at following it for more than a few hours at a time-especially in a losing session-and I know very few poker players who can. Some of the pros are pretty good at controlling their emotions; others are infamous for failing to do so. I've found that there are a handful of experienced low-limit players, usually older, who can enjoy big wins and weather hours of bad beats with imperturbable grace and charm. When they do, it serves as an example to players like me about what discipline and sportsmanship look like.
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