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How Play Online Baccarat Games

Second, tie bets have a higher "variance" than other bets. This means that runs of luck on the tie are much more extreme than on the bank or player. By way of illustration, consider the possible outcome for a gambler who bets on the player three times, beginning with a $20 stake and parlaying his winnings. On the first hand he wins $20, doubles his bet on the next hand and wins $40, doubles again and wins $80 on the third hand, a total of $140. If he'd been following the same strategy on the tie and had won three times in a row, he'd win $180 on the first bet, $1,600 on the second, and $14,400 on the third, a total of $16,180. Now, this is very unlikely to happen (three ties will occur less than .1 percent of the time) but it is possible, and so sooner or later it will happen to some lucky player. Should a player take a chance on extremely good fortune, the consequences for the casino are much more damaging. To protect itself, it compensates for the higher risk by offering worse odds.

Players who wish to mix up their bets should know that a bet on the banker and tie simultaneously has a 55.4 percent chance of winning, while player and tie win 54.2 percent of the time. Betting banker and player is too impractical to be given any consideration, as it would result in no change to your bankroll if the player wins or a loss of 5 percent of your wager if the bank wins. Be aware that mixing your bets has no effect on the expectations of any of the bets, that is, betting player and tie on one hand is identical to betting player on one hand and tie on the next. You will, however, lose faster if you bet on more than one event simultaneously. Betting the tie will put a serious drain on the comparatively favorable bank and player wagers. I would therefore treat the tie exactly as it is-a side bet. If you bet $100 on the banker and $20 on the tie, your expectation is 3.2 percent or 3.3 percent if you bet on the player and the tie. Some would consider this a small amount given that it provides you with a good chance of winning the hand, though I would not recommend this style of betting for protracted play.

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Poker took on its modern shape in the mid-1800s at the hands of Mississippi River con artists for the sole purpose of cheating travelers out of their money. In his autobiographical book 40 Years a Gambler on the Mississippi, George Devol meticulously documents the poker games he played "on the square," implying that he saw cheating as standard procedure and his participation in honest games as something like acts of philanthropy.
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