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Play Mini-Online Baccarat Games
Mini-Online Baccarat Games is a game more suited to the casual gambler. It was introduced largely to appeal to ordinary gamblers who felt intimidated by the main version of the games. Mathematically, it is exactly the same as its big-table cousin, but without the ceremony and with a generally friendlier atmosphere. The games is played on a online blackjack games-size table with seven player spots and a solitary dealer. Each player spot has two circles in front of him, one marked "player" the other "banker."

Above this is a semicircular strip which runs along the table, marked "tie" at both ends, and divided into numbered areas which correspond to the players' positions at the table. Eight or six decks of cards are used. All the chips are kept in a tray directly in front of the dealer. In front of this is a box where commissions on the bank hand are recorded.
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Keep the Game Moving
If your only exposure to real poker has come from watching high stakes tournaments on TV, you might believe that every time it is your turn to act, you are supposed to spend between ten and thirty seconds stacking your chips over and over again while studying your opponents, even if you already know what you are going to do, so that Vince and Mike have plenty of time to whisper dramatically into their microphones about how damn good you are. Next time you make it to the final table of a $10,000 buy-in tournament, you can get away with this.
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