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Every Casino Las Vegas

The key to this strategy depends on the ambiguity of the word "win." Technically, every player who is ahead of the casino by $1 dollar is winning. Therefore, to claim victory over every casino in Vegas (or Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, or London) all you have to do is win your first bet in each casino. A player usually has a greater than 99 percent chance of being ahead of the casino at some paint, assuming he has a reasonable bankroll and avoids placing too much money on the tie bet. obviously, your betting strategy will be important as well. To maximize your chances of achieving your goal, each bet you place should be for the amount that gives you a slight advantage over the casino: If the table minimum is $20, then bet $20; if you lose, bet $21; if you lose, bet $42, and so on. If you restrict yourself to the table minimum at all times you will have slightly less chance of ever being ahead of the casino, but you will not lose so much money on a very unfavorable streak.

The more you do this the more your chances of having a session in which you are never ahead, and in doing so lose your capital. If you have $10,000, however, and frequently bet on the banker, your chances of trouncing every casino on The Strip are still very good indeed. Of course, you are not going to make any real money with this strategy, but you will be able to claim truthfully to have done something the greatest gamblers in the world have not done. Perhaps you will make a fortune when you sell your story to Hollywood.

Why Poker Players Refer to Certain Types of Hands?
Because of the existence of these two general types of hands, a hand of poker played by a group of competent players usually takes on a natural flow: The first round of betting will be characterized by raising and re-raising, as players with strong starting hands attempt to force out players with weaker hands, but who may have the beginnings of good draws. For the remainder of the hand, the table will check to the most aggressively raising player, who represents his strong hand by betting. The remaining players, figuring they need to improve to win, will fold or-if they have a positive expectation-call. A player improves may raise and become the new bettor. Of course, there can be all kinds of deception and tactical maneuvering going on here, but the tension between heads-up hands and multi-way hands results in a current, so to speak, that pulls a]1 the players along.
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