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Mini-Online Baccarat Games


Unlike the elaborate games just discussed, with its rituals and traditions, the games of mini-Online Baccarat Games is quite pedestrian. First of all, it's staffed by one dealer, and the table it's played on is similar in size and area to the ordinary online blackjack games table and seats about the same number of players, from five to seven. The mini-Online Baccarat Games table, for there is rarely more than one in any casino, is placed among the other table games and, except for the layout on its surface, is indistinguishable from a online blackjack games table.

All the players remain seated and face a standing dealer. In front of each player's seat are areas marked for player and bank bets, and the bettor may wager on either one. Beyond these areas is a separate place for tie bets, which are paid off at either 9 for 1, or 8-1, which is in reality the same payoff.

The dealer has all the responsibilities of the three dealers at the Online Baccarat Games table. He or she must shuffle up all the cards, deal them out, collect and pay off on all wagers, and keep track of the commissions due the house.

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If you play poker regularly, it makes sense to buy plastic cards like those used in casino poker rooms. A "set-up" of two different colored decks costs about $25. The two colors are useful because they let you move the game more quickly: one player can deal with one deck while the next player shuffles the other deck. These cards are pricey, but they basically last forever-and you can order individual replacement cards for those that get damaged or lost. Beyond that, plastic cards are easy to shuffle, they resist incidental marking, and you can toss them into players' hands like Frisbees. In short, they are great to play with It is much cheaper to invest in casino-quality cards than to buy new decks of cheap cards that you will only be able to use for one session.
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