Advantage-Play Techniques

Other techniques exist to give the player knowledge of when a particular card is to be dealt.

A set of 300 chips is the absolute minimum for a home game, and that will become stretched with more than four players. Much better is a 500-chip set, which will be fine for up to eight players at most fixed-limits.

But the important thing about a set of poker chips is not so much their total number as it is the proper ratio of colors. Specifically you need many more of one color than of the others, because one chip will always end up being the "primary" chip used in a game. If you wanted to, you could purchase a set of 500 chips of one color, set their value to the smallest amount needed for the game (usually the small blind or bring-in amount), and have a good time. Indeed, your chip set doesn't have to contain every color in the rainbow. But a few different denominations are worthwhile because they give you the ability to keep chip values at "natural" numbers-such as 25t~, $l, and $5-across different limits. Four colors in the correct ratio will give you enough flexibility to handle an}- game, including tournaments, smoothly. Any colors beyond that are just eye candy.
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