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Playing For Comps

A "comp" (complimentary) is a freebie or price reduction given to you by the casino to encourage you to stay and gamble. It may take a number of forms-it could be free breakfast, a show, a room, a meal at the restaurant. It usually takes the form of a chit or token that you hand to the waitress, hostess, or waiter. The comp effectively states that the casino will pay for the service you require. Nevada alone gives away $500 million worth of complementary every year.

A comp is only given out for a single purpose, that is, the casino knows it will encourage you to lose more at their tables than you would otherwise. Many gamblers feel that by getting comps they are getting something for nothing, consequently, they gamble recklessly since they believe they are already ahead, and lose more overall (including the price of the comp) than they would otherwise.

To get a comp, you must ask. Comps are never given retroactively; they are an inducement to further gambling, so the casino has no interest in comping you as you leave. Anyone can get a comp, regardless of their bet size, although the value of the comp will, of course, vary.

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What Chip Values Should I Use ?
You don't have to decide now because you should never order chips for your home game that have values printed on then . The reason is that you need to be able to adjust the values of your chips to accommodate your changing limits, as recommended in appendix A.

Remember that one of the main reasons to use chips instead of actual money is to allow you to play with your own currency system that is custom-designed to fit your game-and the limits of that game will change.
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